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Chapter 03: Public Health and Primary Health Care Systems and Health Care Transformation

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1. According to the 1999 Institute of Medicine report, as many as 98,000 deaths each year are caused by:
a. Cardiovascular disease
b. Obesity
c. Medical error
d. Drug overdose

In 2000, it was thought that our health care system was expensive and that access and quality were not optimal, but we had not considered this important fact: many people die of preventable medical errors in the United States.

DIF: COG: Remembering REF: 49 OBJ: 1

2. In the United States, the majority of health care dollars are spent on:
a. Prescription drugs
b. Hospital care
c. Physician services
d. Public health services

The largest share of health care expenditures goes to pay for hospital care, with physician services the next largest item. The money spent for public health services is significantly lower than the other categories and prescription drugs accounted for only 10% of expenditures in 2008.

DIF: COG: Remembering REF: 46 OBJ: 1

3. The number of uninsured Americans has dramatically increased because:
a. Medicare took over payment of health care costs.
b. With a declining population, the costs for health care rose.
c. Nursing salaries greatly increased, causing health care costs to rise.
d. Health insurance coverage was dropped from employment-based health plans.

Although the majority of Americans continue to obtain health insurance from their employer as a benefit, employment does not guarantee insurance. Employer-sponsored health insurance is sensitive to both the general economy and changes in health insurance premiums. As costs for insurance premiums rose, employers either shifted more of these costs to their employees or declined to offer employment-based health coverage at all.

DIF: COG: Understanding REF: 46 OBJ: 1

4. The primary purpose of the World Health Organization is to:
a. Coordinate surveillance at the global level.
b. Prevent outbreaks of disease.
c. Prevent the transmittal of communicable disease among nations of the world.
d. Provide humanitarian support in times of disaster.

The World Health Organization, comprised of 192 member countries, is uniquely positioned to coordinate surveillance and response at the global level.

DIF: COG: Understanding REF: 52 OBJ: 1

5. One of the benefits that a public health agency will experience by choosing to implement the electronic health record is:
a. Facilitation of interprofessional care
b. Improved client compliance with medical regimens
c. Cost-savings to the agency
d. Compliance with JACHO standards

The electronic medical record facilitates interprofessional care in chronic disease management and coordination of referrals; 24-hour availability of records with downloaded laboratory results and up-to-date assessments; incorporation of protocol reminders for prevention, screening, and management of chronic disease; improvement of quality measurement and monitoring; and increased client safety and decline in medication errors.

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