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1. What is servant leadership based on?
A) Trusting and valuing employees
B) Genuinely liking your colleagues
C) A laissez-faire style of leadership
D) A dynamic leadership charisma

2. To build a cooperative and effective team, leaders should
A) never show their true feelings.
B) always empathize with followers.
C) be able to identify emotions in themselves and others.
D) always show their true feelings.

3. To increase the likelihood that followers dont mislead leaders,
A) make sure followers are allowed to disagree.
B) distrust what others say until the facts are proved.
C) determine on whom to rely and who not to listen to.
D) look only at facts and not rely on intuition.

4. Who is a leader?
A) Someone who is always trustworthy
B) An individual who may be flawed
C) Someone who always have good intentions
D) One who is incompetent and will not be followed

5. To decrease overtime, the manager of a surgical unit offers nurses who get their work finished on time for an entire 2-month period an extra day off with pay at regular time. What is this an example of?
A) Bribing nurses
B) Quantum leadership
C) Principal agent theory
D) Servant leadership

6. What does one realize when examining leaders and managers?
A) The leadership role is most important in nursing today.
B) The management role is most important because of the high cost of health care.
C) The most important leadership role is charisma, and the most important management role is business acumen.
D) There is a need to integrate management and leadership.

7. What is the conclusion of interactional theories?
A) Leaders, followers, and the situation were all variables that interacted.
B) Good results would occur if leaders led well.
C) Followers had little effect on positive outcomes, but the situation did.
D) The situation had the most profound effect on success in leadership.

8. What is emotional intelligence?
A) Requires that you hold your emotions in check
B) Use emotions effectively
C) Is an intelligence that you are born with
D) Requires attending seminars on feelings

9. A manager has proposed to the hospital board that it hires someone to teach management and leadership classes and that head nurses are paid to attend the classes. What is this an example of?
A) Using emotional intelligence
B) Transformational leadership
C) Building human capital
D) Using quantum leadership

10. An organization has hired six foreign RNs whose manager has noticed they dont mix with other staff. They often speak in their own language during their breaks, although they speak English while on duty. Which would be the most helpful action for this manager to take to better assimilate these RNs?
A) Tell the foreign nurses they should not speak in a foreign language anywhere at work.
B) Send them to an English language course at the local adult school.
C) Ask the nonforeign RNs to make an effort to include the foreign nurses in after-work activities.
D) Begin a short sharing session before client report, so all RNs can share information about their cultures and differences in client care.

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