E Commerce 2016 Business Technology Society 12th edition, Kenneth C. Laudon

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    Table of contents:

    1. The Revolution Is Just Beginning
    2. E-commerce Business Models and Concepts
    3. E-commerce Infrastructure: The Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform
    4. Building an E-commerce Presence: Web Sites, Mobile Sites, and Apps
    5. E-commerce Security and Payment Systems
    6. E-commerce Marketing and Advertising Concepts
    7. Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing
    8. Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in E-commerce
    9. Online Retailing and Services
    10. Online Content and Media
    11. Social Networks, Auctions, and Portals
    12. B2B E-commerce: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Commerce

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    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0133938956
    ISBN-13: 978-0133938951
    ISBN-13: 9780133938951


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