Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change 7th Edition, Martin Silberberg, Patricia Amateis

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    Table of contents:

    1. Keys to the Study of Chemistry
    2. The Components of Matter
    3. Stoichiometry of Formulas and Equations
    4.The Major Classes of Chemical Reactions
    5. Gases and the Kinetic-Molecular Theory
    6. Thermochemistry: Energy Flow and Chemical Change
    7. Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure
    8. Electron Configuration and Chemical Periodicity
    9. Models of Chemical Bonding
    10. The Shapes of Molecules
    11. Theories of Covalent Bonding
    12. Intermolecular Forces: Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes
    13. The Properties of Mixtures: Solutions and Colloids
    Interchapter: A Perspective on the Properties of the Elements
    14. Periodic Patterns in the Main-Group Elements: Bonding, Structure, and Reactivity
    15. Organic Compounds and the Atomic Properties of Carbon
    16. Kinetics: Rates and Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions
    17. Equilibrium: The Extent of Chemical Reactions
    18. Acid-Base Equilibria
    19. Ionic Equilibria in Aqueous Systems
    20. Thermodynamics: Entropy, Free Energy, and the Direction of Chemical Reactions
    21. Electrochemistry: Chemical Change and Electrical Work
    22. The Elements in Nature and Industry
    23. The Transition Elements and Their Coordination Compounds
    24. Nuclear Reactions and Their Applications

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    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 007351117X
    ISBN-13: 978-0073511177
    ISBN-13: 9780073511177


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