Canadian Business and the Law Canadian 6th Edition, Dorothy Duplessis


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Table of contents:

Part 1: The Legal Environment of Business

Chapter 1: Knowledge of Law as a Business Asset

Chapter 2: The Canadian Legal System

Chapter 3: Managing Legal Risks

Chapter 4: Dispute Resolution

Part 2: Contracts

Chapter 5: An Introduction to Contracts

Chapter 6: Forming Contractual Relationships

Chapter 7: The Terms of a Contract

Chapter 8: Non-Enforcement of Contracts

Chapter 9: Termination and Enforcement of Contracts

Part 3: Business Torts

Chapter 10: Introduction to Tort Law

Chapter 11: The Tort of

Chapter 12: Other Torts

Part 4: Structuring Business Activity

Chapter 13: The Agency Relationship

Chapter 14: Business Forms and Arrangements

Chapter 15: The Corporate Form: Organizational Matters

Chapter 16: The Corporate Form: Operational Matters

Part 5: Property

Chapter 17: Introduction to Property Law

Chapter 18: Intellectual Property

Chapter 19: Real Property

Part 6: Employment and Professional Relationships

Chapter 20: The Employment Relationship

Chapter 21: Terminating the Employment Relationship

Chapter 22: Professional Services

Part 7: The Sale of Goods, Consumer Protect ion, and Competition Law

Chapter 23: The Sale of Goods

Chapter 24: Consumer Protection and Competition Law

Part 8: Financing the Business

Chapter 25: Business and Banking

Chapter 26: The Legal Aspects of Credit

Chapter 27: Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Part 9: Transference of Risk

Chapter 28: Insurance Glossary Index


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